About This Site

This site is an extension of my belief in the importance of visual communication.

As human beings, we didn’t evolve to read numbers in a spreadsheet. We evolved to see the tiger in the trees. The more important and dangerous a situation is, the more critical it becomes to communicate with that in mind.

I first started thinking about visual communication when I was flying in the Air Force and doing crash investigation work. My first major brush with the healthcare system convinced me that the concept applies well outside the cockpit. I left the Air Force to study public health at Yale and the University of North Carolina because I view American healthcare as the single biggest plane crash in our history. We can and must do better.

This site is about doing what I can to help bring back informed citizenship. We’re a better country when more of us understand what’s going on around us. I hope the visualizations you find here help move that along.

I’ve been a registered independent for my entire adult life. I believe that as a country, we agree about more things than we disagree about. Wedge issue politics hasn’t gotten any of us what we want or need. I believe it’s time for us to look at the places where we can be united and push to make things better.

-Alex Rich

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